LYLAS Permanent Jewelry FAQ'S

What is Permanent Jewelry: It is exactly what you's permanent! Once we do our magic, that little thing isn't going anywhere! Back in our day friendship bracelets were made of string. Times have changed and the new trend is taking this to the next level with 14K gold filled or sterling silver options. 

Pricing: We have a range of prices for bracelets, anklets, and necklaces starting at $50 and go up to $125. It is our goal to always have a good selection of chain prices for any and every budget! 

Where can you find us: Our store front is located at 12402 Slide Rd Ste 203 Lubbock, TX 79424 

Store Hours:

Sunday & Monday: Closed

Tuesday - Friday : 11:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday: 11:00am - 4:00pm

Do you offer necklaces and anklets?: Yes! We offer necklaces for an additional $30+ and anklets for $20 more than the bracelet chain price. 

Do you offer birthstones: YES! We have all birthstones in gold and silver to add to any chain for $28 each.

What if I need to take off my chain for medical reasons: If you need to remove your chain for any reason do not fret! Simply cut it off at the welded spot and save the chain, then when you are ready we are happy to re-weld it back on for you. 

What if my welded jewelry breaks: We ensure the integrity of our weld before you leave the chair. However, permanent does not mean invincible and things do happen! If you need to remove your welded jewelry or if comes off for any reason, you are welcome to bring it (IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM) to us and we will happily re-weld your piece. 

  • If your jewelry is not in its original form and the chain has been broken, a new chain will need to purchased. 

  • We WILL re-weld jewelry, however we WILL NOT replace lost jewelry. 

Do you offer gift cards: Absolutely! Purchase a gift card here!